Free Book Promotion!

You can download my first Kindle book FREE this Friday and Saturday, Nov 16 and 17. Just click on the cover image to go to the amazon page. How does it get any better than this?

There’s been a lot to learn about creating, publishing and promoting ebooks. It turns out that and google searches work together to increase your chances of finding the most popular books on your subject of interest. The number of sales and reviews stacks the order of books when you search on, and thus on google. 

Any review you write increases that book’s chances of showing up high on a search, regardless of whether you loved the book or hated it.

Thus the reason for promoting books by giving them away for a few days: those free downloads are counted as sales! Even though the authors don’t get royalties on those sales, they are still of benefit directly to the author and the book. They spread the word about the title, the author, and generate reviews. The reviews generate more sales and higher ranks on the search pages, which bring in more sales, and on like that. Like plants, growing–each leaf catches more sun, makes more energy to grow another leaf. Eventually, there’s enough leaves to catch enough sun to make enough energy to create a flower. Ahh….

I’m explaining because you, my readers, are likely as ignorant as I was about this. You may be wondering why the heck I’d be giving away the book that I worked so hard to write and publish. The point is that without sales, there’s no readers, and no reviews. No reviews, no easy appearances on search pages, not many sales. In a store, you can walk around and look at everything on the shelves. On the internet, on a giant website like, you can’t look at everything. You have to use search tools, and maybe scroll through a lot of pages to find what you’re looking for.

Please, dears, get your free copy of my book! It’s short, won’t take you long to read. Write a bit of a review!

Here’s a short video showing how to create a review on It’s easy.



About Ziporah H

Author, flower essence producer & practitioner, astrologer, poet, visionary, healer, publisher, photographer, forager, stargazer, fiber artist, natural dyer, infinite being, spirit traveler, gardener, ancestor communicator, Bars practitioner.
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